HEIGHT: 5'7                               cristinlrivera@gmail.com
WEIGHT: 135 lbs                                         646.789.1948


"Life experience is what makes us individuals. It has helped me appreciate every minute of life and allowed me to grow eager to express all I have to give and all that I am. No time taken for granted, no regrets." (Cristin Rivera)

Gloria                                        Lead                                       Mangas Films
Sanctum                                     Lead                                      GI Winters
Sleepwalkers                              Supporting                             Jason Merrin
In Memoriam                               Lead                                      X7Entertainment         
Prodigy                                        Lead                                     Ford Production
Keep the Lights on                       Gallery Attendant                  Ira Sachs
Bert and Arnie’s                           Restaurant Patron                 Jeff Kaplan
Guide to Friendship                 

Time Warner Cable MNN Promo     Lead                                      Rahim Brown
Clare Promo                                 Supporting                     Gabrielle Williot/ Music Choice

New Media & Industrial Videos
Kobalt Promo Video                   Piano Player                            Beth Klein/CASE/KOBALT

Labs                                         Interviewee                             Elite Daily
I am Metal Rabbit                      Guest Star (5 episodes)            Cris Hozven
Care Portrayal                           Care Companion                      Renewal Care Partners
The Walking Dead                      Zombie                                    Lead Dog Productions

Voice Over

Audio book "Lost Souls Cafe", Susie Newman

Audio book "Sanguine Malum", Lila Vale

Audio book "Cease & Desist", Stephen David Hurley

Feature Film “Sleepwalkers”, Jason Merrin​


Good Will, "Regional Promo"

AMCP'S "Annual Meeting", Ken Wortendyke


Business AI Narrator, Ryan Wallace

Brighter Bites, "Website Video Promo"

Pearson Education "Interpersonal Communication" - JPJ Studio

IBM "Discover Animation", Green Ink
Website Instructional Video "MPFA", Mtel Limited

Tripwire "Ransomware", JPJ Studio
Tripwire "Skillsoft", JPJ Studio
Pearson Education "Psychology", JPJ Studio
Pearson Education "History HDWK", JPJ Studio
Client Service Message, Renewal Care Partners

"Semi Respectable", Cried Wolf Production


Haunted House, Black Box Productions
NYU Student Production "It Was Just an Accident", NYU

​Haunted House "PA Woman"

TV Pilot Intensive, Advanced, Christine Kromer
Scene Study, Advanced, Linda Phillips-Palo, CSA
Basic Technique, Intermediate, Johanna Leister, HB Studios
Voice Over Animation Intensive, NYC VO Coach, Shelly Shenoy

Voice Over Commercial Intensive, NYC VO Coach, Shelly Shenoy

Vocal – Classic/ R&B, Advanced, Judith Mack
Piano – Classic/Standard, Intermediate, Judith Mack

Special Skills
Singing (Alto High Belt), Dance, Instruments (Piano), Great w/Kids, Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Sewing, Choir, Improvisation, Character Faces, Character Voices, Dialects & Accents (British, Spanish, US Southern), Foreign Languages (Conversational Spanish), Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Kickball, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Camping, Hiking, Biking, Cooking, Baking, Sewing, Print Making, Office Skills, Computer Skills, Table Service, Highly Motivated, Living with Passion, Determined to Achieve.